The Flower - Stem

Now to creating something organic. The challenge with forming living things virtually is to make them look alive. There are more ways to reach this (feel free to comment) but currently two things come into my mind: Either I make it look incredibly photo realistic, or I'll try to give it character. Considering the aim of the scene I'll go for the second option.

Anyway, the start is the stem of the plant, which is quite universal. Especially as I planned to create a young plant with a flower, in which phase many plants look similar... even if maybe not biologically correct, but that's not really necessary to take in account this time.

I just create a base curve, which can be the outline of the stem, which is more or less random looking. Close up models need more details, but not visible details have also not to be modeled, so that fine for me this time.

Now a path has to be determined, on which the outline can be expanded. Again a random looking curve, but as many time s in modeling real life objects it is advisable to take a look at the real life thing. As I have planned to grow a leaf out of the stem as well, I have introduced a bend in the path as usually also in the real life stems at the point where the leaf grows out.

The remaining step is the extrusion of the base outline throughout the path. Just to add some more randomness I have turned the outline 360° during the path.

Finally applying  some flare deformation, so that the stem is thicker at the bottom and thinner on the top and bending the top back towards the ground to simulate some gravity effect.

               So here is the stem...


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