Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: március, 2016

Material test - concrete

Again some experimenting with materials. Here a concrete column with increasing damage towards the bottom. Done again with only mathematical solutions, not a single picture used...

Architecture interior - Bathroom #2

After basic scene setup the work on details can begin. I followed the basic rule to create everything in a detail level appropriate to the appearance later in the scene. It makes no sense to create an award winning soap box if it will cover 5 pixels of the screen. Following this idea, here the sink (in a half ready render): ...the light switch and the power outlet (floating in the air :-)): ...and the pool mosaic tiles (procedural of course):

Material tests - Stained glass

Continuing my material experiments... creating a procedural glass shader with water marks. Why procedural? Good question. I found it too easy to download a texture from the intetnet. The challenge in this is to create something like this on a mathematical basis. 

Architecture interior - Bathroom #1

Started to put together a bathroom for an interior design project. The room size was given and of course several requirements regarding the placing of furniture. So I started to put it together... Started with setting up the reference sizes, camera view and lighting to have a good base for objects and materials: