Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: október, 2016

Product visualization - Power plug

The concept has been made for a contest, with the aim to develop a high functionality UK power plug. I had fun and let loose my creativity. I have imagined a functionality, that deserves the name "Plug 2.0".  The base design is fairly clean and tidy, incorporating a number of handy features:  - On-off button  - LED visualization of on-off status  - Ejectors to help de-plugging, operated by a button placed ergonomically  - Turn able pins to ensure optimal plug position in any socket  - 0-90 degrees turn able cable outlet to prevent unwanted cable twisting and breaking  - Lock-unlock slider for the cable outlet  - Rubber grip  Features can be extended with offering the product in different colors and/or exchangeable pins for different power standards.

Material test - playing with physical reflection and refraction properties

Refining my shading skills I was experimenting with adding certain physical values to parameters, like reflection and refraction amount, based on light entering angle and wavelength. I found also subtle improvement in materials, when more layers of speculiarity are added, similar to real layers on an object like dust grease, etc. The result will help to add better materials to my future renders: