Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: február, 2016

Trade show booth visualization

For a trade show a possible customer needed a visualization of his ideas. Some sketches, exact dimensions and a texture was provided as input. As a start I have built up the booth according to the dimensions given, smoothed the objects and placed them. After this I have placed the given texture to see how much space is left for adding anything else. That fitted great, so I applied the other materials as specified and rendered it properly.

Product design - Rendering product images

Basing on a sketch and raw model a photo realistic render had to be done for what appears to be a distribution box built into a table. I had to start off with rebuilding the model, as unfortunately the raw model provided as a sketch was not suitable for high quality rendering. Keeping the general direction I felt I need to add some realistic features also. For example a seem has been created on the large plastic part to make it look as if it is built up from different parts. I also added some fake screw heads and realistic corners on the plastic molded parts. Finally I created a scene with a table and some lighting to have the first images for the customer... Lets see where this goes further.

Material test - Glass ball

To be honest, I was amazed of the result when I was challenging the limits of virtual material possibilities... yes I know that the movie guys did it too... :-) Anyway, the glass ball on the plastic table looks fabulous.