Bejegyzések megjelenítése ebből a hónapból: január, 2016

Webdesign - Simple steps to improve looks - Logo

Just collected some design tips to improve website looks I'm going to present on the site. Simple thoughts which improve the appearance of any website significantly. As a start if we are talking about a brand, product or company, a logo is very useful to link visual impulses with the things we would like the customers to remember. I'm a fan of simplified design, however in some cases a more complicated and fancy logo might be appropriate (art, food, hotels, etc.). Generally I followed the most repeated logo generation rules: Keep it simple, related to the product, balanced appearance and flexibly sizable... bla-bla-bla, lot of good essays can be found on the internet regarding this topic, just search for logo creation rules. After drawing some sketches I found the obvious similarity of letter n and letter D, which in this case could be stylized to only be 90° angled. In some cases this could be enough already, but I might revise my statement above "