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Rendering - Sailing boat fittings

Realistic rendering of sailing boat fittings A set of fittings was needed for a product datasheet of metal fittings for boats.

Making of the Ent - Painting

Making of the Ent Texture painting Finishing the modelling is a misleading success. Painting Gail was a challenge of its own. So I took the path through the vibrant atmosphere of the woods of rhythm (by putting on some Forestdelic music) and dreamed of colors and patterns to fill the white skin of my canvas to bring it to life. Base Real tree bark Flattened texture Painting the textures started in the park actually. I took my camera and headed for some trees... old trees. My aim was to get a realistic texture basis from where I could go in with variation depending on the surface I wanted. After catching some lovely tree bark and some stones, I headed back to the computer to paint Gails body with some reality. It started with some adjustments in Photoshop. The Gamma value was adjusted, as the colors in the RGB screen space would not reflect how it is in reality. Next I took decreased the level of highlights to make the texture more flat. Real mossy tree

Making of the Ent - Sculpting

Making of the Ent Sculpting The challenge was this time to develop a character and a 3D sculpture from a 2D concept. My subject is Gail, the wicked forest creature of Forestdelic records. Follow me and Gail into the procedure of creating this psychedelic and mystic creature of the woods, where musicians "cook their stuff"... and now a 3D Artist joins the cooking too. This seemed to result as pure fun in creativity and it really did. Intro As said the aim was to create Gail the Ent from a 2D sketch, which is c urrently also the logo of Forestdelic records. Obviously the 3D version of the creature would feature a lot more details than the original logo, with many details, colors and accessories, which meant a great deal of character design included in this challenge. Gail has a distinguished personality, quite some experience in special ingredients needed to create something extraordinary and continuously roams the trails of the musicians. Much of this co

Material test - Renderman 21

Just made some tests with the new Renderman21 engine and to be honest I was quite impressed. There are loads of presets for simple materials, which already look nice with the default render settings. So I just trew in a few models and hit render and this was the result. It might not be perfect, but again, this is without putting any effort in anything really.

Article #2 - Comparing procedural and painted texturing - Painted

Comparing procedural and painted texturing Article #2: Painted This article is the is part #2 of my 2 articles to compare procedural and painted texturing. Previously in  Part #1  I gave my view on procedural texturing, here we will have a look on painted texturing the same asset. The intro of both articles is identical, but the conclusion of the series is included at the end of part #2. Intro I have been planning to write some articles honoring the 1st year I have spent in training until now to become a 3D artist. As subject of the first 2 essays I thought it would be appropriate to choose something which has given me the most thoughts in the past year. I have been fighting with a couple of things while getting to know different techniques for modeling, shading, lighting, rendering and post production, but from all these one of the few things currently, which seemed to me as a matter of preference instead of the actual progress of an artist on the learning path is the