The Flower - Petals and finalization

Step by step I'm getting closer to the intended looks. I was very satisfied with the leaf, however the flower petals can be tricky as well.

Again a good start is to look at photos, if necessary get a template. This will be more of a box modelling type of solution compared with the leaf image plane template. This means I'll start off with a simple structure and build in the complexity step by step. As I intend to not give the petal thickness, as it will not be recognized in the scene anyway, a plane will do just fine. Adding adequate divisions to the plane I start with a sine deformation, to get a bit of waviness. Then I draw the plane divisions together to resemble the form of a petal. As mentioned already, this I'll do with keeping the depth of detail in mind, which is necessary for the intended usage. The model is then finalized with cutting the top and bottom to the scene necessities

The material in this case resembles a similar toony effect like the leaf. After having the model, it is added to the flower and copied enough times to fit the flower base sphere... oh, yes, the base sphere... Well I forgot to mention that, as it took one minute to create it. It is a sphere cut in half and with a dark brow slightly bumped material. The bumps and color are created with a mathematic function, which is similar to the cells of leather. So back to the petals. Having them all around the flower core the detailed work starts, as in my scene the flower will lean against a glass wall and should also appear somewhat sad. This takes some adjusting of the petals. Anyway after some playing around the result looks quite proper for the intended usage.


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