Pebbles in a jar - The Jar

Simple glass container almost not worth to talk about, however, to give it a twist: I modelled the one we bought at *ghmhm*,which inner side had strange deformation. Probably partly design and partly cheap manufacturing :-)

  1. 2 planes had to be created, one slightly smaller to be the inner wall.
  2. Inner wall received the strange but simple wave like deformation.
  3. Both planes get extruded quite a long way to get smooth and parallel walls - a bit of playing around with the extrude attributes is necessary to get the necessary looks.
  4. The inner container wall received some smoothing, just to have more radius around the edges with one click - means no need to define them more detailed, they're just for looks.
  5. After this comes the cutting of both objects on the same height level
  6. Close the open top border with a fill hole or whatever one may prefer - I added some chips at the top to give it a more realistic feel. However this is optional.
The container model is ready, now to the glass material. For the current usage any earlier glass material will probably do, which I have already made. Just need to decide which... mmmmh.

The physical solid glass seems right:


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