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The Flower - Petals and finalization

Step by step I'm getting closer to the intended looks. I was very satisfied with the leaf, however the flower petals can be tricky as well.

Again a good start is to look at photos, if necessary get a template. This will be more of a box modelling type of solution compared with the leaf image plane template. This means I'll start off with a simple structure and build in the complexity step by step. As I intend to not give the petal thickness, as it will not be recognized in the scene anyway, a plane will do just fine. Adding adequate divisions to the plane I start with a sine deformation, to get a bit of waviness. Then I draw the plane divisions together to resemble the form of a petal. As mentioned already, this I'll do with keeping the depth of detail in mind, which is necessary for the intended usage. The model is then finalized with cutting the top and bottom to the scene necessities

The material in this case resembles a similar toony effect like the leaf. After having th…

The Flower - Leaf

To continue with the flower, a proper one, especially a stylized one has leaves. Mine will have one oversize leaf as I have further plans with it, but I'll come to that later.

To start off again a good outline is needed. Probably everybody could think about 10 different leaf shapes immediately as we see them day by day, but I took a template just to make sure. Especially as I want to model the leaf with its veins. In my opinion, there could be two ways to model such an object. One way is to go the photo realistic way, in that case very good textures are needed, but a less complicated model. Second is a more toony appearance with more detailed model (e.g.: thickness, veins), which needs less or no textures, but a bit more work on the model. I choose the second option for this usage.

 The template curve will result a nice surface, when filled out. One could think, that this is already enough as leaves material is thin. Indeed and that might be also enough for previously mentioned opt…

The Flower - Stem

Now to creating something organic. The challenge with forming living things virtually is to make them look alive. There are more ways to reach this (feel free to comment) but currently two things come into my mind: Either I make it look incredibly photo realistic, or I'll try to give it character. Considering the aim of the scene I'll go for the second option.

Anyway, the start is the stem of the plant, which is quite universal. Especially as I planned to create a young plant with a flower, in which phase many plants look similar... even if maybe not biologically correct, but that's not really necessary to take in account this time.

I just create a base curve, which can be the outline of the stem, which is more or less random looking. Close up models need more details, but not visible details have also not to be modeled, so that fine for me this time.

Now a path has to be determined, on which the outline can be expanded. Again a random looking curve, but as many time s in m…

Photography - Autumn moments

Autumn moments...

... camouflage

old and lonely


Pebbles in a jar - put those pebbles in the jar

After having the jar and the pebble, there seems to be only 1 remaining task: Put the pebble into the jar. Well optimally even more of it :-)

Ok, then. Let's put the pebble into the jar...
It's there. I'll just copy that one and place the copy beside... There it is... ?&*!ing %×÷$, this is going to take long and it is also very boring. Let's try another way. Mmmh, what if I could just fill up the bowl. There is a command to fill an object with particles, I'll try that. Select object, apply command fill object (first with colorful balls, to see the effect). Uh oh, it seems the machine understands fill a bit different. Well, the machine just does, what we tell it to do, so fill means here to fill up between the walls. Ok, then let's skip the fill and just pour the pebbles into the jar from the top. I just place a particle emitter above the jar and let the machine do the rest... Much better. Now I only have to replace the balls with the pebbles, add a bit of r…

Pebbles in a jar - The Jar

Simple glass container almost not worth to talk about, however, to give it a twist: I modelled the one we bought at *ghmhm*,which inner side had strange deformation. Probably partly design and partly cheap manufacturing :-)

2 planes had to be created, one slightly smaller to be the inner wall.Inner wall received the strange but simple wave like deformation.Both planes get extruded quite a long way to get smooth and parallel walls - a bit of playing around with the extrude attributes is necessary to get the necessary looks.The inner container wall received some smoothing, just to have more radius around the edges with one click - means no need to define them more detailed, they're just for looks.After this comes the cutting of both objects on the same height levelClose the open top border with a fill hole or whatever one may prefer - I added some chips at the top to give it a more realistic feel. However this is optional. The container model is ready, now to the glass material. For …

Pebbles in a jar - The Pebble

An idea just popped into my mind to spice up the site. Instead of the plank, which more or less a test only, I'll put some pebbles in a jar on the main screen and banish the plank to somewhere else.

Easier said than done... how to create pebbles in a jar?

Let's start with a single pebble.
Create a sphere - done (not even worth a picture)Deform it a bit, not loosing the smoothness of the sphere. I choose a non-linear flare first, which basically transforms the top x-z and bottom x-z while smoothly linking them.Then a bend to add some irregularityAnd finally a twist, which turns the top compared to the bottom (or any other axis) for further random seeming displacementShape seems OK, now to the shaderI'll start off with a specular, reflective type of material, but only to receive some nice veins within the stone. Generally the stone material will be matte, like usually with water formed stones on beaches or rivers.I add a grainy look to the whole pebble, with a bump map (I'…

Website live -

Website live:

Finally the site is in a state, which can be put live.

Well maybe some glitches and bugs remaining, but perfection will be reached soon... technically. Beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder.